Year of Innovation draws attention to new products with a special label “Uus on IN” (New is IN)

The PrintHerald program was granted the special label IN by the innovation centre InnoEurope that is meant for new and innovative products and services developed in Estonia.

2009 is the Year of Innovation in Estonia, a year of creative thinking and doing things in a different way. The purpose of the Year of Innovation is to demonstrate that innovation is not only improvements made in technology, you can be innovative in every field of life.

The Year of Innovation team created a new device for all those introducing new products to the market: the label “Uus on IN“. It is meant for free use and it helps the consumer to make a clear choice in favour of the new and innovative. The goal of the label is to draw attention to successfully implemented innovations in order to support innovative companies, set them up as an example to other companies, and to introduce the concept of innovation to the information field of our society through products and services.

The special label “Uus on IN” has received very positive feedback from companies. In the first five days, 46 companies submitted an application for the use of the label. Over one half of them are connected with e-services, but there are also producers of new and clever consumer goods among the applicants. For example, there is an energy-saving device, a pet transport cage, an automated parcel terminal, a guitar textbook which comes with a teacher, a light robot, a MicroFiber window cleaning kit, felt jewellery, log furniture, an adventure game, and many others, among the applicants.

On the Year of Innovation webpage are clear instructions on how to submit an application and use the label. Every organization who wishes to draw attention to its new product or service can submit an application for the use of the label. You can use the label in marketing communications in connection with the product and your organization, including on webpages, packages and in commercials.

The Year of Innovation project team evaluates the innovative aspects and whether the “Uus on IN” mark is suitable for the product. In the context of the Year of Innovation 2009, those innovations are placed at the centre of attention that helps to make our lives better. Life can be made better by making many activities easier through the use of new technology. Life can also become better in a simple manner – through good emotions that arise from a new flavour or a beautiful picture. Innovation is an implemented update and thus every new product or service can apply for the label.

The Year of Innovation inspires people to be innovation-minded. The initiators of the idea are Enterprise Estonia and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication. The patron of the Year of Innovation is Toomas Hendrik Ilves. Already 2817 people and 904 organizations have registered at the meeting place for innovation-minded people, 1406 ideas have been offered and many of them have been realised. As of today, 261 events have already taken place in the framework of the year.

The Year of Innovation inspires people to be innovation-minded. The initiators of the idea are Enterprise Estonia and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication and the patron of the Year of Innovation is President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

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