What advantages print management offers to me?

According to Hewlett Packard, 24% of every request to IT helpdesk is connected to printing problems. Inevitably our company produces some documents and we also print them despite of saving efforts. Every company has a printer or more. In order to concentrate on your main field of activity, it is more reasonable to organize all activities necessary for work smoothly. The worst thing for a company is downtime if intended activities do not run as planned. People are nervous, creativeness and will to work disappear and planned work results are worse. If such situation repeats every month, it is reasonable to do something.

You certainly have noticed that expendable materials of printers are quite expensive and it is daily outgoing for your company. Why raise those costs on account of your employees? You can organize software that will automatically provide you toner and you will need only one person to deal with this problem.

  Version 2.34
  • Printers can be located in different buildings, even citys, if the company has its own network where the program is installed
  • Not a lot of people have to take care about the toner orders now. The program sends out the order via e-mail to the IT supervisor and to the suplier
  • No more printers with empty toners, because the toners are always ordered on the right time
  • Simple statistics over the printers and toners
  • Minimizes the possibility of delayed shippings