Introduction of the PrintHerald program

For a long time, many IT managers and supply departments have missed a handy tool that would help them to make a review of their printing devices, order toners in time and supervise maintenance interval. Employees of companies often turn to IT administrator or helpdesk with printing problems that would be easily resolvable by users if IT manager were familiar with those problems and could give a correct advise.

In such cases, the print management program PrintHerald is helpful. IT manager has possibility to  consult a user at his/her desk.

  Version 2.34
  • Printers can be located in different buildings, even citys, if the company has its own network where the program is installed
  • Not a lot of people have to take care about the toner orders now. The program sends out the order via e-mail to the IT supervisor and to the suplier
  • No more printers with empty toners, because the toners are always ordered on the right time
  • Simple statistics over the printers and toners
  • Minimizes the possibility of delayed shippings