How can I save money for my company using the PrintHerald program?

  • Generally a company keeps some toners as stock reserve, according to its need, in order to replace them quickly. With PrintHerald program, there is no need to keep operating assets cause the program will order toner just at the time when the old one is becoming empty and new toner arrives before the old one is empty.
  • It often happens that a company has purchased stock reserve or filled toners with the box in the corner, which it has already paid. Then a printer decides to print its last page and its repairs may prove to be too costly. But the company has already spent money and bought toners it cannot use later because they do not fit for new printers.
  • PrintHerald will save your time because you have a specific supplier you have agreed on prices with that can offer you cash credit, give summary invoices once a month or otherwise agree according to the need and specialty of the company.
  • PrintHerald eliminates possibilities of human mistakes in cases the person responsible for ordering toners is on leave or on sick leave and toner has not been ordered.
  • In many companies, IT managers have to keep a record on printers and toners. PrintHerald allows easily make reports on pages printed in the company during the month.
  • PrintHerald minimizes possible delay in delivery, which means that toner will always dispatched in time and delivered when you need this.

  Version 2.34
  • Printers can be located in different buildings, even citys, if the company has its own network where the program is installed
  • Not a lot of people have to take care about the toner orders now. The program sends out the order via e-mail to the IT supervisor and to the suplier
  • No more printers with empty toners, because the toners are always ordered on the right time
  • Simple statistics over the printers and toners
  • Minimizes the possibility of delayed shippings