PrintHerald collects the following information about printers: 

  • IP address (it is possible to directly enter into IP address from the program)
  • Printer model
  • Printed pages
  • Error code
  • Level of black toner %
  • Level of yellow toner %
  • Level of magenta toner %
  • Level of cyan toner %
  • Drum % (colour printers)
  • Printer status
  • Serial numbers
  • Location of printer in the company, manually determinable by IT manager

PrintHerald finds a customer in intranet: 

  • Only network printers
  • Printers that support receiving information with single SNMP (Simpel Network Management Protocol) that also is in use as communication language between programs in most printers of HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, Kyocera, Konica Minolta etc.
  • Printers that are not older than 5 years
  • If devices are tied with another contract, you can put them in the so-called program blacklist and information is not gathered about them

Functionality of the program: 

  • PrintHerald program discovers printers in one or several intranets
  • All network printers of the company visible in a single list
  • Possibility to observe scanning process
  • Automatic notification via e-mail about the need for toner to the supplier and to the IT person of the company
  • Printing statement
  • Data export CSV file for further comparison of results
  • The program works automatically once a day
  • Possibility to start manually, if necessary
  • IT department can offer technical support in printer management to users.

Requirements to customer’s intranet for starting the PrintHerald program: 

  • SNMP protocols must be allowed
  • Traffic between other intranets of the company must be open
  • Server or computer where the PrintHerald program is located, must be switched in, otherwise the program will not start
  Version 2.34
  • Printers can be located in different buildings, even citys, if the company has its own network where the program is installed
  • Not a lot of people have to take care about the toner orders now. The program sends out the order via e-mail to the IT supervisor and to the suplier
  • No more printers with empty toners, because the toners are always ordered on the right time
  • Simple statistics over the printers and toners
  • Minimizes the possibility of delayed shippings