What is print management?

Ordering toners is not organized in many companies; an employee of every subdivision is wasting its working time in order to hurry to buy replacement for an empty toner cartridge. Imagine if there would be 5 departments and 10 employees in each of them in the company. Toners of two printers in a department become empty twice a month. Subsequently, the employees of the company buy toner 10 times a month or deal with ordering toner for the company 10 times a month. They certainly could use their working hours more efficiently and practise their main field of activity.

Modern technological developments allow to organize toner orders much more efficiently. Add the PrintHerald program into your computer network that will start once a day, find toner becoming empty and send a report about this to the IT person of the company and also to the supplier that delivers toner in the respective department. And no need for 10 visits to the store or 10 phone calls by you but toner is still available in time.

  Version 2.34
  • Printers can be located in different buildings, even citys, if the company has its own network where the program is installed
  • Not a lot of people have to take care about the toner orders now. The program sends out the order via e-mail to the IT supervisor and to the suplier
  • No more printers with empty toners, because the toners are always ordered on the right time
  • Simple statistics over the printers and toners
  • Minimizes the possibility of delayed shippings